The Importance of Toys for Developing Children’s Brain

The Importance of Toys for Developing Children's Brain

As a parent, you must understand the importance of toys in your child’s brain development. Giving the right toys can help your child think and solve problems. Not only that, but toys can also help your child improve their creativity and imagination.

When playing, children will make choices. They must choose what will be played. Children also choose where and with whom they play. Children’s creativity will develop through play. Original ideas will come out of their minds, although sometimes they feel abstract to parents.

Whatever the age of the child, toys are something that is fun for them. According to many studies, toys can have a positive impact on children’s brain, social, emotional, and physical development. Children are like sponges that are ready to absorb whatever information is received so that toys can be one of their means to explore the environment and learn new things.

The Importance of Toys for Developing Children's Brain

The Importance of Toys for Developing Children’s Brain

Stimulating Language and Math Skills is the Importance of Toys

A study conducted in England in 2000 reported that toys that are appropriate for a child’s age can stimulate a child’s brain to process and express words better. This research was conducted on children aged 1-6 years who were given toys for symbolic games (for example, given blocks with wheels to be played as if they were cars).

Then compare it with children who are not given toys. As a result, scores in language tests of children given toys are better than children who are not given toys at all.

Another study states that toys can improve children’s ability to count at One of the toys that can be used as a tool is a toy beam. The more complex toy building blocks arranged by children, the higher the child’s ability in mathematics.

The results of the study report that children who play blocks (which are complex) during childhood have much better mathematical abilities than children who do not play blocks. This study shows the importance of toys for children.

The Importance of Toys for Developing Children's Brain

The Importance of Toys for Developing Children’s Brain

Children Become more Focused on Learning

Toys can also improve children’s academic abilities at school. Based on a meta-analysis study in 2006, it was mentioned that school-age children who play at recess for 20 minutes have better academic ability than children who only stay in the classroom.

However, the study suggested that no more than 20 minutes, because if excessive it actually causes the opposite effect. Children will be difficult to concentrate on if playing more than twenty minutes in a row.

The importance of toys, besides being important for brain development, is the stimulation provided through toys is also useful for children’s growth and development later in life. For example, toys given to babies. Age-appropriate toys can stimulate the sensation of touch, vision, and hearing of a baby.

Not only that, but toys can also develop the baby’s ability to do things with his hands. Toys are also useful to improve children’s muscle coordination and improve fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Providing the right toys for children will have a positive impact on their development. However, you also have to be careful not to overdo it in giving toys to your child. Understanding the importance of toys should also be done by you as a parent.