Lego for Creativity to Help Children Develop Themselves

Lego for creativity

Playing Lego for creativity helps children learning while playing. The world of children is never far from toys. Among the many types of toys available, parents must be very clever in choosing for their children. In this case, a lot of educational toys chosen by parents because it can be a learning tool for your child.

Educational toys can be able to practice dexterity, creativity, and social interaction abilities. Lego is one of the brands of Danish-made games that until now has become a favorite toy and is popular with children, even adults.

But did you know that Lego is not just a fun stacking block game for children? Lego also has a myriad of benefits that can educate and develop the intelligence of children of all ages. Getting to know the benefits of playing Lego could be a good start in choosing the right toys for your children.

Playing Lego for Creativity Leads to Enhancing Problem-solving Skills

Lego comes in various colors, sizes, and shapes. When playing Lego with your child, use this opportunity to introduce children to a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. After introducing, you can also start asking whether the color of the Lego is held by the child or what color is suitable for the building foundation.

Slowly, they will begin to memorize, recognize, and distinguish the types of colors, sizes, and shapes. In addition, at the top of the Lego there are bubbles that arise which can be used as learning media for children to count.

Lego for creativity

Lego for creativity

The next benefits of playing Lego for creativity are able to increase children’s creativity and problem-solving skills. In a Lego game, children can follow instructions to make stacking blocks to be assembled according to the model or arrange freely according to their imagination.

Let the children occasionally arrange Legos according to their own imagination to practice their creativity. When assembling Lego into a building or model, often children will experience difficulties.

Well, this is one of the benefits of playing Lego for children, which is practicing problem-solving skills. Encourage your child to keep the spirit of completing the model that will be made. Don’t forget, whatever the results of the child’s Lego arrangement, give awards and suggestions so that he can practice better.

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Providing Social Benefits to Children

Playing Lego for creativity won’t be fun if done alone. Children will need friends to play Lego. Playing Lego together with friends will have a positive impact on the development of children’s socialization in the environment.

Lego for creativity

Lego for creativity

Children will be more friendly and sociable when they make a group construction. They will practice communicating and expressing ideas. As a result, children become better prepared to socialize in the community and social environment.

The benefits of playing Lego can get your children without them knowing while playing. Children only consider Lego as a fun toy, but actually, they are also learning.

Not surprisingly, children who play Lego will experience faster intelligence development than before. Periodically along with increasing his abilities, adding Lego for creativity with more varied forms can improve children’s creative abilities.