Popular Toys for Girls this Christmas

Popular Toys for Girls

Christmas is coming soon.  Still, as parents, you just don’t have a clue what to give your beautiful daughters for Christmas.  Every year, toy makers have lots of toys to offer and they try to keep them up to date with the trends.

Especially girly toys are a bit hard to find since they all come in different forms, shapes and colors.  But, don’t you worry, from the six popular toys for girls listed below, you will find what matches your little girl’s personality.  Here are the lists of the most popular girly toys this Christmas:


  1. “L.O.L. Surprise” Dolls Collectible “Biggie Pet” Collection

Any “L.O.L. Surprise” dolls edition really will surprise all little girls dream.  It comes with a bunch of “surprises” in one pack.  Inside, this edition of the “Biggie Pet” doll collectible pack comes with a baby doll and the pet babies.  The pet babies comes with other cool surprises, including a necklace and other accessories for the baby L.O.L. doll.

LOL Surprise Biggie Pet Collection

LOL Surprise Biggie Pet Collection


  1. The Slime Surprise Pack— “Poopsie”

Some girls do have a favor for some slimes.  This Slime Pack “Poopsie” comes with a bunch of magical slime surprises.  There are around 15 or more characters to collect where all the goals is to find a hidden stuffed animal called the “Unicorn Sparkle”.  The pack also comes with a collectible poop character key chain and bottle.




  1. 4-Pack Bracelet Set from “Twisty Petz Babies”

There are no cute little girls who doesn’t like to make their own bracelets.  Especially when they have their friends to play with.  With the Twisty Petz characters, they are able to transform the mini babies into colorful bracelets.  They are also used as backpack accessories and also for necklaces.


  1. 6 Collectible Toy Cases from Shopkins— “Lil’ Secrets” (includes a pet shop, to a candy shop, and 4 Other Shops)

One of Shopkins’ featuring girly toys makes it on the top best toys for girly girls is the “Lil’ Secrets” shops collectible cases.  There are 6 different collectors cases available.  Each of the cases comes with a tiny Shopkin dolls.


  1. Cool Bracelet Maker from “KumiKreator”

Another bracelet maker sets that will make a little girl happy is the bracelet maker from “KumiKreator”.  It is the perfect gift for young girls age 8 or older, where they can make at least 10 friendship bracelets.  The set also includes a guideline, playbook, stickers, bola 88, a case for storage, and many more.




  1. “Happy”— the Hedgehog, from “Sequin Pets”

This sequin pet of “Happy” the Hedgehog is a fun stuffed animal for girls to be creative with their imagination.  It’s a stuffed animal made of sequin material that can be created in different designs and it’s also color-changing.  Reusable stickers are also included and can be customized.

Now you have a head start on 6 different gift ideas for your little girls this Christmas.  These are all available now in stores or online, only this Christmas holiday.  So, what are you waiting for. Hurry and buy before they run out and make your daughters feel so special this year!