How to Choose Safe Toys for Children

safe toys

Toys are varied in colors, shape, design, and materials. It is not surprising to find toxic toys in the market since not all materials are safe especially for children use. Therefore, it is important to consider many things before buying toys for children. Safety is in the top priority when it comes to choosing toys. Children are still prone to infection since their immune system still developing. Besides, they have limited motoric skills to help them avoid injury from playing toys. Thus, it is parent’s responsibility to choose safe toys their children can play with.

Tips to choose safe toys

Instead of choosing popular toys, it is more recommended to choose toys with intention. Popular toys are not always safe and beneficial for children. Thus, it is better to choose toys which promote safety and educational learning such as dadu online. Here are simple tips to choose safe toys for children:

  • Choose toys based on age appropriate. Toys that suit child’s age will match to the child’s abilities, skills, as well as interest level. Meanwhile, too advanced toys can cause hazard to their safety.
  • Pay attention to small parts. Choosing too small toys for babies, infants, or toddlers are not recommended. Children in their age tend to put everything in their mouth. Thus, it will be dangerous to give them small toys. It is recommended o choose larger toys at least bigger than their hand.
  • Safety standard is a must in every product including toys. Every country may have different standard but always make sure to choose toys that meet national safety standard. Keep in mind to always read the warning labels.
  • Children especially in their early age are interested to sound. However, it is not recommended to choose the toys that make shrill or loud noise since it can be dangerous to their ear. It can cause injury especially when they play the toys for a long period of time.
  • Make sure that every part of toys securely fastened such as eyes, nose, and other small parts of stuffed animals. It is to avoid the risk of choking.
safe toys

safe toys

  • Choose toys made of long lasting materials and have no sharp edges or points. Avoid toys with electric heating or shooting elements. These types of toy have greater risk to cause injury. To keep the children safe, make sure to explain and demonstrate how to use the toys. It is also recommended to watch them play the toys.